Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Shock and Awe - Joe Wilson's 2003 speech...

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Thanks to Gateway Pundit...

Scroll to the bottom for the speech Joe Wilson made in 2003 BEFORE the Robert Novak article...

It's breathtaking...

Gateway Pundit says:

In this speech, Ambassador Joseph Wilson:

* describes himself as the investigator sent to Niger by the government

* details the African trip as only he is capable of

* says the government sent him there and not the CIA (a lie)

* says there was nothing to the uranium story (a lie)

* describes the US as "occupiers" of Iraq (a shocking statement at the time)

* describes a conspiracy to help Israel dominate the Palestinians

* calls the Administration warmongers and a--holes

* says Bush is in office for sex
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You won't believe it.


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. There's nothing shocking in this speech. "I won't believe it," you say. Nice attempt to try to influence people's opinions about the Wilson speech before they hear it. That's typical that you follow the RNC playbook with this propoganda trick, but this only works on weak minded fools.

It's not schocking at the time to call us "occupiers". We were then and we are now occupiers of Iraq. The only thing shocking is that Wilson knew it then, and he was proved right because all those on the right including the president now admit we're occupiers; and the fact that he was right earlier than most people is in your mind reason to discredit him. How retarded are you?

Yes, it appears Wilson exxaggerated by saying the govt. not the CIA sent him. But, it's not much of a lie because the CIA is the govt. But, I'll give you that this was misleading by him. But, he was right on and accurate about the rest of his speech.

Lars Gruber said...

The only thing reliable about your RNC talking points is that the truth is invariably the exact opposite.

Does the truth matter here? Or is what counts is manipulation of info and knee-jerk apologies of a seditious president? Who was proven truthful in the end? Did Saddam eat yellow cake and send a squadron of nuke carrying gliders to suburban America? Or was it all invented to justify an indefensible war? Sane people know the answers. MAYBE one day you'll grow up and see what you've been apologizing for.

CIA = Government, my dim counterpart. So does the IRS and INS = government. I realize that you are only copying from the bush playbook that would prefer if those organizations were run by 'friendly' corporations, in other words, facism.

Given the fact that bush Chicken Hawks like yourself would sell off all the gov't to corporate interests, but you are still ahead of yourself.

bok bok Chicken Hawk

woods said...

What a boring little person you are...

Your assumptions about me are hysterical, misguided and incorrect. From what I can make of your complaint/accusation, you think that corporations want to rule a facist state. Of course, you do know that it's already a facist state... when interest group rules control your life, or [not my issue] you can control when your child gets an ear piercing, but, not an abortion. When political correctness dominates the manner in which you engage in public discourse out of fear of arrest or job loss for offending someone's righteous sense of self.

Oh, Orwell knew you well.

As for the rest... I don't read or subscribe to anyone's talking points or playbook and I thought chicken hawks were the ones who never wore a uniform. Doesn't describe me. Sorry.