Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Forget Politics for a minute... This is SERIOUS:

Page 6 of the NY Post brings us the apocalypse...

Send this to everyone you know. Shout it from the rooftops...


"...November 2, 2005 -- PARIS Hilton plaything Stavros Niarchos III is some kind of class act. After he fueled up at L.A.'s Element club the other night, the Greek shipping heir and a posse of pals stopped at Burger King. "Stavros offered a homeless man outside $100 to dump a soda on himself," a source squealed to Us Weekly. The desperate bum took the payout "and everyone laughed," reports the source. This one's a keeper, Paris!..."

If Laurie David thought the flood was coming because we sinned against Mother Nature, then now we're due for the big asteroid collision.

These people must be shamed. By all of us. This isn't about politics... it's about human decency.

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