Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Maybe Osama Should Be More Concerned!

Christopher Hitchens, in a wonderful piece just up at HuffPo, makes a particularly sagacious point:

"...The agencies entrusted with our protection have repeatedly been shown, before and after the fall of 2001, to be conspicuous for their incompetence and venality. No serious reform of these institutions has been undertaken or even proposed: Mr George Tenet (whose underlings have generated leaks designed to sabotage the Administration's own policy of regime-change in Iraq, and whose immense and unconstitutionally secret budget could not finance the infiltration of a group which John Walker Lindh could join with ease) was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom..."

Have we been seeing too many Terror Movies or tv episodes and had our brains fried with the incredible complexity of infiltrating Terror Groups and staying alive? Either it was ( and some folks might insist it was) dumb luck that John Walker Lindh made it into the inner circles of Terror, or, ( and I haven't a clue here) there are lots of Good Guys undercover doing the nasty to OBL and Co.

Boy, I'd love to know (of course so would OBL).

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